“Gutter Guy Inc” Gutter Service Expands South to Palm Beach County

Palm Beach, Florida – Southern Florida is no stranger to rainstorms, especially for residents living along the eastern coast.
Their close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean seawaters means that rain showers and storms can be quite devastating to property structures there.
Palm Beach Home Owners need the best gutters and downspouts available to reduce the risk of property damage, otherwise, the rain may cause irreversible damage which some insurance companies won’t even cover.

In the Treasure Coast region of Florida, one gutter company is expanding its operation to Palm Beach County in order to help these residents out and that company is called Gutter Guy inc.

Gutter Guy Inc is a Gutter Installation, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Downspout & Gutter Repair company comprised of a team of gutter professionals with decades of experience in the industry. Gutter Guy Inc services multiple areas throughout the Treasure Coast, including Stuart, Jensen Beach, Jupiter, Port St. Lucie & now also servicing Palm Beach Florida.

“Living in Florida means dealing with heavy rain at inconsistent times,” said the founder of Gutter Guy Cleaning Inc. “The only way to protect your home from this rain is to install gutters which will redirect the rainwater away from the roof and through the downspout. That way, you don’t need to worry about moisture buildup or mold damage occurring to your structure. So many homeowners forget how much damage that moisture can really do. They simply cannot afford to go without good quality gutters and downspouts.”

Gutter Guy Inc describe themselves as the premier drainage experts of Florida. Their specialties include customized installations of downspouts and gutter systems. Since Florida home architecture comes in many different shapes and sizes, their customized installations are designed to cater to the specific dimensions of their clients’ roofs. There is no one size fits all in the gutter business.

Palm Beach County Gutter Repair Company
Palm Beach County Gutter Repair Company

For nearly 30 years, Gutter Guy Inc. has serviced the northern towns and cities of the Treasure Coast. However, the frequent rainstorms of the last few years have brought a lot of rain damage to several homes in southern Florida. People with older homes and worn out gutters were not prepared for this kind of devastation. They neglected to repair and maintain their gutters and just assumed they would always be strong. This is not a safe assumption.

“Gutters incur a lot of impact and abuse over the years,” said the founder. “No one should assume their gutters will stay perfect forever. Since this is Florida, moisture and mold growth happen quickly. If a property owner doesn’t have good gutters to prevent moisture from entering their roof, then they can kiss their structure goodbye. My business offers gutter maintenance and repair services to anyone who needs to restore the integrity and durability of their gutters before disaster strikes. It is better to get the maintenance work done now before a rainstorm comes and causes heavy damage to the structure of a home.”

Palm Beach County residents have a choice of seamless gutters, half-round gutters, and K-style gutters. Each type of gutter system serves a unique purpose and can benefit certain types of homes. The staff of Gutter Guy Inc. provides a free consultation and estimate to determine what the best solution is for a home.

In addition to maintaining strong gutters, homeowners are encouraged to maintain clean gutters too. Like the name indicates, Gutter Guy Cleaning Inc. offers gutter cleaning services for all types of gutters. “People may have perfect gutters, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stay unclogged,” the founder indicated. “All gutters must be cleaned because of all the leaves and debris from the leaves which fall into them. If you have clogged gutters, then your gutters won’t be able to drain the rainwater. You need to hire our team of gutter cleaners to periodically come by and unclog the gutters and keep the drainage flowing smoothly.”

Palm Beach Gutter Company
Palm Beach Gutter Company
Copper Gutters Palm Beach County
Copper Gutters Palm Beach County
Custom gutters palm beach county
Custom gutters palm beach county

Gutter Guy Inc. has just completed its move to southern Palm Beach County. Residents can call 772-334-3139 to request their gutter cleaning services.

Gutter Guy Inc
Gutter Guy Inc

Looking for A Home or Business Gutter Company in Jupiter Island?

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

Business and Home Gutter Repair Near Me in Jupiter Island, FL

If you are looking for Jupiter Island home gutter repair done right, the first time, on-time and at a fair cost, then rest assured you have come to the right place.

At Gutter Guy, Inc. (licensed in the state of Florida, fully insured and bonded), we are committed to helping you keep your home gutters flowing properly at all times and your investment protected.

We proudly offer professional, best-in-class residential and commercial gutter repair services and serve the entire community of Jupiter Island FL and surrounding areas.

With hands-on experience of more than 25 years custom-installing and restoring home gutters and downspouts, we are a trusted and well-respected home gutter company Jupiter Island residents can count on for all and any type of business or home gutter repair work done in a timely and efficient manner.

By collecting and carrying away rainwater, gutters and downspouts are the first line of defense against an unsafe roof leaking preventing water from finding its way inside the home.  It is absolutely crucial to call a gutter repair expert as soon as you notice holes in your gutters, sagging gutters, leaky joints or any other issue that can negatively affect the value of your home.

A Brief History of Jupiter Island FL, nestled on the barrier island of the same name on Martin County‘s south end, the picturesque and affluent town of Jupiter Island FL is a truly unique gem of the Treasure Coast.

The story of this world-famous coastal town began with a royal land grant, known as the “Gomez Grant”, in 1815.  This vast, 12,000-acre land area also covered a barrier island between the Jupiter Inlet and the St. Lucie Inlet, named “Jupiter Island”.

In 1911, the island became more easily accessible thanks to the construction of a road extending towards its south end and a bridge on its north end. The Island Inn complex was built in 1916, establishing the Island as a winter colony for northerners. Ten years later, with the Florida land boom crashing, the company Picture City abandoned its development plans for the Island -an East Coast Hollywood that movie stars would call home – as it went bankrupt. The property was bought by the Biddles for a little over $1 million and re-sold after the Great Depression to a group of four island residents (including Joseph V. Reed) for as little as $25,000.

The town of Jupiter Island FL was incorporated in 1953. In 1968, the granting of natural land came full circle, with a portion of the island’s southern end given as a wildlife preserve to the Nature Conservancy.

Things to Do and See in Jupiter Island, FL:

Boasting a charming character uniquely its own, the town of Jupiter Island is blessed with magnificent, keenly preserved natural beauty that lend it an exotic island aura. Its environmental resources and climate have greatly contributed to the development of a low-density yet top-quality residential community (permanent population is 820, across 430 stunning waterfront estates and homes) committed to the preservation of natural resources.

Jupiter Island FL offers many awe-inspiring recreational areas nearby, including Jonathan Dickinson State Park, with impressive kayak, biking and hiking trails as well as St. Lucie Inlet Preserve State Park, reachable by boat only.

Johnathan Dickinson State Park
Johnathan Dickinson State Park

Nature and beach enthusiasts can also indulge in miles of pristine, wild beach within Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge (partly located inside the town), Hobe Sound Martin County Beach Park, ideal for surfing and Blowing Rocks Preserve, great for snorkeling and swimming.

Exploration and history fans can choose to discover the trails at the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area during the Hike Through History free tours or even the climbing tours of the iconic 1860 waterfront lighthouse.  The town’s two-lane beachfront Beach Road is an excellent biking route, with very little traffic and lush landscaping. Bikers can feast their eyes on spectacular, secluded estates including some owned by celebrities such as the likes of Tiger Woods and other professional golfers, singer Alan Jackson, Michael Jordan and the Bush family.

Golf and Jupiter Island are a match made in heaven. The first nine-holes golf course was completed in 1922, and the second one, designed by the reputable landscape architect Dick Webel was built in 1957. The vast majority of Jupiter Islanders are members of the Jupiter Island Golf Club.

The town of Jupiter Island FL enjoys on average, 233 sunny days per year, but it also receives pretty heavy rainfall, about 59 inches of rain per year (compared to the US average 39 inches).

City of Jupiter Florida

In Summary:

When the weather rains on your parade, confidently rely on the original Gutter Guy Inc. to get your home gutters back working in seamless condition so you can keep your home safe and dry and protect your significant investment over the long haul.

Call us today 772-334-3139 for a free, no-obligation estimate on any gutter repair work you may need for your Jupiter Island FL home or business.

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Increase Curb Appeal and the Value of Your Home with Rain Gutter Guards

image001 (2)

We have all done it: you drive past a home you know nothing about and say something like, “That home is beautiful. I would buy it if we were in the market right now.”

What is a statement like that based on? You know nothing about the home or the owners in most cases. You simply love the home because of its curb appeal. Curb appeal is a real phenomenon. In fact, curb appeal projects can have an ROI of 150%.

As the Port St. Lucie rain gutter specialists, we have seen the incredible change in curb appeal that regular gutter service and gutter guards can have.

Clean Up and Keep Clean

Rain gutters extend around the entire outside of your home. Without rain gutter service and cleaning, they can look downright nasty. Buildup of leaves, seeds, and other debris can cause gutters to sag or detach.

Needless to say, this is not a good look. A sagging rain gutter could make potential home buyers wonder if other areas of the home, like the roof, have been properly maintained.

After rain gutter service and cleaning, installing rain gutter guards with the help of your trusted Port St. Lucie rain gutter specialists can have a huge impact on the long-term appearance and value of your home.

This simple installation can help keep gutters clean, reduce the need for regular and costly repairs, and set a positive tone for buyers as they examine your home. Even if you are not considering selling soon, simply avoiding a complete gutter replacement, which could run more than $2000, is worth the cost of prevention.

Prevent Costly Damage to Your Home

Most people don’t give a second of extra thought to their gutters until something goes wrong. Gutters keep water and moisture away from the important areas of your home. Without gutter guards, your gutters could back up and then fail to do their job.

As a result, you could experience foundation damage, roof damage, landscape erosion, and interior leaks.

All of these could decrease the value of your home and lead to costly repairs. Regular gutter service and installing gutter guards could save you tens of thousands in avoidable repairs.

Call Your Port St. Lucie Rain Gutter Specialists

Want to learn more about the value of gutter guards for your home today and when you choose to sell? Contact Gutter Guy for a free estimate. With over 25 years of experience, Gutter Guy has seen the benefits of rain gutter guards right here in Port St. Lucie.

5 Signs You Need Rain Gutter Replacement Now


gutter replacement


Rain gutters collect and divert water so your property doesn’t flood.

When you live in places where rain is abundant and flooding is likely—like in Florida—you need properly working gutters.

But how do you know your gutters are in good condition? And how will you know when it’s time to change them? Sometimes, cleaning the gutters is all you need to do to keep them working.

Yet, there comes a time when gutter replacement is necessary. If you see any of the following warning signs, then it’s time to replace your gutters.

The Gutters Are Cracked, Split and/or Falling Off

Some signs make it obvious that something is wrong with your gutters. For instance, they have cracks or sections are separating, causing water to leak through and flood areas of the ground near the house. It’s important to take action as soon as you notice these signs before they worsen.

If not, you’ll have water issues to deal with, which can lead to mold and deterioration. Your shingles, fascia boards and foundation are all in danger.

You See Your Paint Peeling and Flecks of Orange Around Your Gutters

When your gutters start to fail, it can lead to additional wear and tear throughout the year. This is because the water isn’t draining as it should.

This causes your paint to peel away and rust to form around the areas where cracks are present. Allowing this condition to persist will only create more of a headache. Plus, you’ll have to spend more money on repainting the areas that are peeling and rusting.

At this point, gutter replacement is long overdue.

Mold Is Growing Around Your Foundation

Again, a part of the design of rain gutters is to direct water away from the foundation. When a gutter is not doing its job, it’s allowing the area to flood.

And when that happens, mold and other fungal growths can spring forth. As soon as you start to see pools of water around your foundation, consider gutter replacement ASAP.

Water Marks Are Present Beneath the Gutters

At least once annually you should check your gutters for damage. Wait until it’s a sunny, rain-free day to check them, so you’ll have better visual.

If there are water marks right below the gutters, this is a telltale sign that the gutters are leaking or overflowing.

This issue can also lead to damage to the fascia board and soffit that are absorbing the excess water the gutters can’t remove.

The Gutters Are Sagging

Here is a simple and obvious sign to look out for. If the gutters are sagging, then they’re overflowing with water during heavy rains. Something is either blocking the passage along the line, or gutter replacement is necessary.

You may also notice the gutters are pulling away from the house. This is caused by the sheer weight of the water, either from a clogged flow, or because the gutters are too small to handle the amount of water. Repairing this is costly and a hassle, which is why we recommend a gutter and downspout replacement.

This way, you don’t have to worry about this issue happening again.